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Charles Hitechew


Charles Hitechew has been an athlete his entire life, so it’s no surprise that he’s working towards a career in sports marketing and management while he studies Sports Marketing at the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University. 

Growing up, Charles Hitechew was always excited about sports. Whether he was playing them, practicing them, learning about the various competitive events and their athletes, or studying stats and history, sports were always a part of his life. When it was time for high school, Charles was accepted into Bridgton Academy in Maine where he moved more than 700 miles away from home to a place with an entirely new culture. Here, he studied and learned even more about sports – including picking up knowledge of Boston teams – while also learning how to ice fish, hiking in the wilderness, and bonding with his peers and coaches. He played postgraduate level baseball while attending Bridgton Academy, furthering his involvement in athletics. 

When he graduated high school, he decided to pursue a career where he could continue his passion in a professional context and began working towards his degree in Sports Marketing. While he’s been building his knowledge as a fan of sports, learning about the games and statistics for most of his life, Charles is now educating himself on the inner workings of the industry, including business and marketing as they relate to sports. He’s immersed in learning and understanding the different streams of revenue that drive the industry currently and are on pace to shape the future of the industry as well.

Want to Learn More About Charles?

Outside of his academic career, Charles Hitechew’s love for sports carries over into his personal time. Whenever he has the opportunity, he enjoys attending live sporting events; while some people may stick to one or two sports, Charles likes spectating a variety, including football with the NFL, hockey with the NHL, and baseball with the MLB. Alongside professional sports, Charles also enjoys watching NCAA games and matches, seeing collegiate athletes compete for the love of the sport. 

In his free time, Charles Hitechew also enjoys spending time with his friends in any number of activities, including watching sports together. He also likes to travel – particularly to Hilton Head – and generally enjoys keeping himself busy, whether he’s indulging in the local food scene, going shopping, or working towards his degree.

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