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Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the upcoming MLB season looks nothing like seasons past. Though opening day is often set in March or early April, this year’s MLB season won’t kick off before April 9th, if it kicks off at all. Spring break practice games that traditionally take place prior to opening day were scrapped, as a safety precaution. 

There are many unanswered questions about the upcoming season. With a projected start date of two weeks later than normal, it has been speculated that the MLB season will be extended to early October, but this has not been confirmed. The late end to the regular season could push the postseason to have an end date of sometime in November. This is cause for concern as many cities across the U.S. are experiencing cool if not cold weather by that time of the year. 

Further speculation includes the idea that many stadiums may choose to open late, meaning June or even August. This would push back the 2020 MLB season so far that it wouldn’t end until sometime in 2021. 

This would not be the first time that the MLB season has been delayed. Due to the timing of World War 1, in 1918, the MLB season concluded on September 1st. The one World Series in history that was completed within the month of September was when the Chicago Cubs were defeated by The Boston Red Sox. It was the last World Series game one by The Boston Red Sox between then and 2004. In the case of the Chicago Cubs, their next World Series win was in 2016. 

The only other MLB season to start two weeks after the originally planned date was in 1972 when players were on strike. This season was shorter than normal, as the first two weeks of games did not get rescheduled. MLB players wouldn’t go on strike again until 1981. At that time, there were no games held between June 11th and August 10th. 

With so many unanswered questions about this year’s MLB season, people are wondering if any team will be able to play the entire schedule they were expected to. There are questions as to whether or not this year’s season will even take place.