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Boxing has been going through a difficult time of late, with the planned Heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua shelved. Into the void left by a combination of boxing politics and the COVID-19 pandemic have stepped the Paul Brothers. made famous by YouTube, Jake and Logan Paul have spent the last year trying to call out a mix of retired boxing legends and UFC fighters.

Tommy Fury, one of the rising stars of British boxing and brother of world champion, Tyson Fury, has spent the last few months trying to tempt Jake Paul into a sanctioned fight. While Jake dodges Tommy Fury at every turn, Logan Paul managed to bag a fight with one o the all-time retired greats, Floyd Mayweather.

In the buildup to the eight-round, unsanctioned match, Mayweather explained he was retired from boxing. Instead, Mayweather, nicknamed Money, referred to the exhibition match as entertainment for the YouTube generation. The fight had failed to be allowed the boxing big leagues of Las Vegas after the Nevada State Boxing Commission refused to grant the fighters licenses. Paul weighed in around 40 pounds heavier than Mayweather and maintained a significant reach advantage.

Eventually, the state of Florida permitted the pair to match up in an exhibition match over eight rounds that would not count against either fighter’s record. Mayweather maintained his 50-0 winning record and Paul would make no impact on his solitary loss to fellow YouTuber KSI.

The fight was surprisingly exciting as Logan Paul started to use his longer reach and hide behind his jab. Mayweather started traditionally, hanging back and looking to punch on the counter as Paul lunged forward. As the fight progressed without judges, the only possible win could come by knockout, which Mayweather did not seem interested in producing. The former champion marched forward against his opponent, only to find his way blocked by a well-coached YouTube star willing to smother Mayweather under a vice-like embrace.

The final two rounds were highlighted by Paul growing increasingly tired as his confidence grew. The image of the fight came in the final round as Logan Paul held one fist aloft and contorted his face towards Mayweather. Mayweather called the fight fun and seems content to have picked up a massive paycheck while publicizing his businesses.