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You offer the best quality service at your salon, but people are still hesitant to come in. Your restaurant creates the most delicious pizza in town, but people are not aware that your restaurant even offers pizza on the menu. These two examples highlight the importance of marketing to a business. Marketing does more than help you sell your products and services. It also lets you grow your business, engage with customers, and build brand reputation and recognition. 

Informs Customers
Part of marketing is informing customers what products and services you offer. The informative part of marketing can include product and service demonstration videos, photographs of the product, and a list of the services you can do for the customer. Think of the informative aspect of marketing as being educational. Inform people what you have to offer, and some people will be willing to try your pizza or get a haircut at your salon. 

Engages With Customers
Marketing is supposed to engage with the customer. Examples of engagement include social media campaigns, feedback requests, and sending follow up emails or mailers to past customers. By interacting and engaging with a prior customer, you are making it more likely that they will choose your business again and refer you to a friend or relative. 

Builds Business And Brand Reputation
A business’s reputation is an intangible asset that can be very valuable. Marketing can help build a business’ reputation. For example, does your marketing campaign and message promote sustainability and giving back to the community? Such a marketing campaign can increase your reputation in the eyes of customers. 

Promotes Sales
The best-known aspect of marketing is sales. All businesses have to sell their products and services to make money. There is nothing wrong with this. Your marketing campaign should be designed to sell your products and services while not deceiving the customer. Effective sales tactics can include things such as segmentation and promotions. They help get sales while being very simple to implement. 

Helps To Grow Your Business
Marketing should help grow your business. Unless your business is at capacity, you should strive for business growth. A marketing campaign that informs, engages, builds brand reputation, and promotes sales should lead to business growth through increased sales and the acquisition of new customers.