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The NFL draft is traditionally a huge event held over the course of three days as all 32 teams attempt to restock their roster with former college football stars. One great draft can set up a team to succeed for many years to come. This is why thousands of die-hard NFL fans flock to watch the draft unfold live. Unfortunately, that will not be able to happen this year due to the current coronavirus crisis sweeping the nation. The 2020 NFL draft is still being held on April 23, but the entire process will be unlike anything we have ever seen before. 

The NFL deemed that there was no reason to delay the draft because everything can be done electronically. They also did not want to risk delaying the season if everything goes back to normal shortly after the draft. All 32 teams can still scout players and come updraft strategies exactly the same way they did in year’s past. The only thing that is actually changing is the way they make their selections. 

Instead of having all of the talent evaluators in one room at the team’s facility, they will all be at their homes during the draft. These team officials will be on a conference call discussing what they should do with their next draft pick. They will still be able to call other teams to discuss trades as they did in the past. 

In addition to their private conference calls, all 32 teams will have to designate an individual to serve as the official decision-maker. These people will be on a giant video chat with league officials throughout the entire draft. The decision-maker will tell their team’s official draft selection to the other teams and the league officials on this video chat. Shortly after the official pick is made, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will announce the pick on the live television broadcasts by ESPN and NFL Network. 

The viewers at home should not see much a difference when it comes to the draft this year. The expert analysts will provide the same great information from their home instead of a large draft event. There will also be a telethon aspect added to the broadcast to help raise money for those in need.