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The sports industry is seeing some interesting changes, with new leagues emerging, longstanding managers, directors, and agents stepping down, and players who have become the face of some brands moving to different teams. In the wake of all of this change lies a plethora of job availabilities suitable to various personalities and skill types. With this in mind, the following are four sports marketing and management jobs that are the most likely to be available soon.

Being one of the main ways brands that represent themselves, a career in sports advertisement can consist of many roles. Positions range from being the graphic designer who makes signs and advertisements to being responsible for putting those advertisements into the public eye. Also spanning the breadth of this field are positions that revolve around promotional campaigns and radio advertisements.

Public Relations
A career in public relations means being responsible for the brand’s image and maintaining a positive view of the brand with the general public. Strong oral and written skills are a must, as an individual in a public relations position will be speaking with reporters and the press and making press releases. 

Sales is also a component of sports marketing that has many roles to fill. An employee in sales may represent the customer service department, interacting directly with fans and organizations that buy season-long tickets. In addition, customer service employees may be selling to large numbers of groups of people and sometimes be required to sell premium or luxury tickets, making sense of pressure in this job very real.

Sales employees may also be responsible for selling promotional opportunities to various organizations. This type of position usually requires some skill as a salesman in addition to a good sales strategy, as not every organization will be willing to buy. Usually, a sales representative pitching a promotion will have to work with representatives or the business itself to come up with an agreement that benefits both parties. 

Event Management
An employee in event management may be responsible for or help to facilitate the flawless execution of a sporting event. The level of involvement depends on the position of the employee, but jobs in event management include director of operations as well as support staff and assistants.