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Sports betting may have changed as drastically as everything else in 2020, but it still isn’t going away. If you still plan to bet on sporting events in 2021, here are a few new trends to follow.

E-Sports Will Be Big
While the COVID pandemic brought many live sports to a halt in 2020, e-sports have thrived. The viewership of professional gamers competing in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty has surpassed that of traditional sports, and plenty of people have taken to betting on e-sports events in the last couple of years. Part of the popularity of e-sports has to do with the fact that they’re still relatively new and exciting, but an even more significant part of it is how they’re more accessible than other sports. Not everyone can play professional basketball or football, but anyone with the right PC or console can play Fortnite, even if it takes considerable skill and practice to play professionally.

Player Tracking is Easier than Ever
Thanks in part to the popularity of fitness trackers and similar devices, it’s easier than ever to track individual players’ fitness and performance; this is a potential game-changer for many who enjoy betting on sports. Knowing players’ capabilities has always made a difference in how people bet on sports, and now we can get an even better picture of how particular athletes will perform. This kind of player tracking may not be a widespread trend yet, but it’s almost certain to grow as tracking technology continues to evolve.

Placing Last-Minute Bets
It stands to reason that last-minute betting would be popular among someone too busy to monitor sporting events all day. Now that modern technology has made it possible to communicate with anybody in an instant, sports betters are waiting until the last possible minute to place bets from laptops, tablets, and smartphones from anywhere in the world. They can get up-to-the-minute news and results on any sport imaginable with a simple Google search, which allows them to place or even change bets based on this knowledge. Like the athlete-tracking trend in the previous point, this only stands to grow in popularity as technology evolves.