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The New England Patriots aren’t looking so hot after Tom Brady left last year. They’re heading into next year’s season without a set quarterback. Current quarterback Cam Newton is about to enter the world of an unrestricted free agent. The back-up quarterback, Brian Hoyer, doesn’t look promising either. So, where does the team go from here?

2020 Season

Jarrett Stidham is still in his rookie contract. He’s in his third year, meaning he’s affordable. The other quarterback on the Patriot’s roster is young Jacob Dolegala. He’s been on the practice squad, and he’s affordable at this time. The team may need someone to help their staggering season.

The Patriots had a record of 7-9 in 2020. Cam Newton was brought in to replace the iconic Tom Brady. He had a different style, and the team caught on. He isn’t the best at throwing the ball, so this didn’t help the team. The thing that didn’t help is that the receivers are some of the worst in the NFL. He played consistently. After testing positive for COVID-19, Hoyer stepped in for the team. That didn’t work, so Stidham stepped in. Both had tough seasons.

Looking Ahead

Even with numerous quarterbacks on the roster, the Patriots will have to step it up in the offseason if they want to win. If Newton chooses to leave, they’ll start at the beginning. He never fit with their usual style of offense. The Patriots need someone that can pass the ball. This could leave the team looking for a quarterback in the draft.

March will bring the decision that leads to the Patriots’ future. The trade market and free agency will set the tone for what they choose to do in the draft. They may choose a bridge quarterback like Marcus Mariota or Ryan Fitzpatrick. They could even draft a quarterback in the first round. The problem, if they spend tons of money in free agency or trade on this quarterback. It just wouldn’t be logical to draft another quarterback then.

Only time will tell what the team will decide. The team is simply still rebuilding with the loss of Tom Brady. A great quarterback needs to fill the gaping hole.