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 There has been no player in golf history that has a more significant impact than Tiger Woods. Many have referred to him as the best player in the history of the PGA Tour. 

 There is plenty of evidence to support these claims. One of the most significant pieces of evidence is that Tiger Woods has tied with Sam Snead for the most wins in the history of the PGA Tour. 

 Currently, Tiger Woods is 2nd all-time in PGA history for majors. He only needs to surpass Jack Nicklaus to break the record. 

 The documentary “Tiger” on HBO offers an in-depth look at Tiger Woods as an individual. It goes beyond his career as a golfer. The documentary has generated controversy from the golf world as well as some fans. They are concerned about how Tiger Woods was portrayed. 

 Tiger Woods was known as an individual who kept a lot of things close to the vest. He let the excellence of his golf game speak for him. He had a solid reputation and gained the admiration of so many because he was breaking barriers in the name of golf. 

 In 2009, Tiger Woods was dealt with the harsh reality of what it feels like to be a public figure with a terrible reputation. Individuals denounced him. Companies such as Gatorade distanced themselves from Tiger Woods. Gillette also dropped him as a brand ambassador for fear that an association with him would damage their brand. 

 Those cheering for Tiger Woods on TV now are forced to reconsider their opinions based on the cheating allegations. When reputation or trust is lost, celebrities pay a high financial cost. Tiger was no different. Tiger lost 34 million dollars in endorsements. 

 According to the reputation agency Fallston Group, there is a concept known as the 15-70-15 Paradigm. 15% of individuals will love Tiger Woods, while 15% may continue to hate their guts. According to the idea, the remaining 70% involves the court of the personal opinion that could either make or break Tiger’s reputation. Regarding the “Tiger” documentary, the public will not just be judging Tiger’s reputation, but they’ll be considering the film.