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Serena Williams is famous in the tennis world with experience gained over 15 years and achieved numerous accolades. She is a force to reckon with in sports who has dominated the tennis court. Despite her numerous achievements, she’s overshadowed by Tom Brady as the GOAT; rarely is she considered for the position. It’s unlikely to hear people mention her even in her presence. They feel that Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to be better for the position.
Though she has been considered the tennis style icon after delivery, she has changed her dressing. She suffered a severe blood clot after delivery; thus, the bodysuit helps with blood circulation. This move has not been accepted well by many; others term it as disrespectful. However, Williams has remained focused and has not allowed criticism to affect her performance. In less than a year, she has won several games despite her traumatic delivery experience.

She has proved the critics wrong by winning her first title in 2020 and managed to top the ranks. Williams has proved to be the best athlete. However, it’s baffling that she is rarely mentioned among the great athletes. Being a black female athlete in a sport that’s not popular may be considered a significant reason. Brady is praised openly in her presence, raising eyebrows considering how much she has achieved through her career.

Understandably, Tom is a football player with massive viewership compared to tennis. The two can’t be on the same level, though we can’t ignore that Serena has achieved a lot. No one can ignore her achievements on the court though it’s her outspoken, boundary-breaking nature that sets her apart. By smashing long-held norms that have governed the sport since its inception, she has truly redefined success. For her to succeed, he has faced disrespect, racism, and sexual stereotypes head-on standing for herself and black girls in particular.

Serena is an icon representing strong women as she endured criticism from every corner but remains a competitive opponent in the court. Brady being white, seems to get acceptance, and not a single action of his is questioned. Though he is composed and unlikely to react angrily like Serena, she is great, and ignoring her accolades is a sacrilege.