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Sports organizations are in a very tricky position right now. They have to find a way to play games without risking the health of their players and staff members. No league has been able to do this better than the NBA thanks to their bubble system in Orlando. These are the four things other sports organizations can learn from the NBA bubble. 

Bubbles Are Effective
The NBA has proven that sports can be played in a bubble without any major incidents. The NBA has been holding games for nearly one month right now, and they have yet to experience a positive test for COVID-19. Since the players are not allowed to leave the bubble, there is almost no risk of anyone getting infected for the rest of the season. This will allow the league to crown a champion without having to cancel a single game. 

Requires A Lot of Sacrifices
Containing players in a bubble may be effective, but it does not come without some sacrifices. Everyone inside the bubble essentially has to give up their personal life the entire time they are there. Since they are not allowed to leave without undergoing a strict quarantining process, spending time with family is out of the question. This quickly takes a toll on players with young children. The players also have to get used to playing early in the morning and late at night in order to get all of the games played. 

Not Feasible For All Sports
Unfortunately, a bubble system is simply not feasible for every sport. It can work for basketball, hockey, and soccer leagues because of the relatively small roster size of the teams. One NFL team has 67 players on the active roster and practice squad. This is almost equivalent to six NBA teams. Baseball also cannot operate in a bubble because of the large minor league system in the MLB. 

Sports Can Still Happen
The best thing that everyone has learned over the last month is the sports are not going away. The four months without sports in this country were extremely painful for fans, coaches, and players everywhere. There is simply nothing better than turning on the television to see a professional sporting event. The atmosphere may not be the same for a while, but sports are here to stay.